About Us

A few words from Tony…

“My name is Tony Ashworth and I own and operate Eco Applications. We are a team of professional painters in Byron Bay, Australia.

I began in the painting industry when I was young, a trade I learnt from my Father, and I quickly came to love it. As I progressed and spread my own wings, moving to the North Coast, I took jobs on sites where they proclaimed themselves to be “Environmentally Friendly”. I quickly learnt it is not always, and usually not the case. People were dumping waste inappropriately and no where did I see consistency in the use of non-toxic products that are available.

I am a passionate lover of the environment, and witnessing this lead me to begin my business, Eco Applications. I have over twenty years experience in the trade. Painting really is my calling and I am one of the lucky people who can say they really enjoy thier job. I would love to hear from you!”

– Antonio Ashworth


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